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Rocky Balboa : Why do men fight ?

Publié le 16 novembre 2011 par Léonidas Durandal à 0 h 00 min

by a life without children, by a quiet life. Inevitably the eligible bachelor, some would say the mug, drifts from a woman to another, as long as they keep their illusions.

If we would abandon this tyranny, in reality, we would not know any more what could be the meaning of our struggle in the life, we would be lost. It is so easy to fight for the idea that we’re making of the women and not for the real woman that we have before our eyes. In truth, in forgiving them all, in ignoring their crimes, their death drives, their abortions, infanticides, their lies in front of the courts, their calumnies and bloodthirsty scuttlebutts, selfishness with their offspring, we have made of them irresponsible human beings. And we love so this picture of child in them, that this nonsense does not seem to know an end. From the irresponsibility, to the monstrosity. We have with us parasites that make our life unsustaining and from whom we believe us totally dependent. Some of these witches encourage our vices to establish their position (and one can not understand the wifes of pedophiles who were actively involved in crime, without understanding it. It’s often the same for the alcoholics).

It is a terrible historical mistake that comes from I don’t know where, certainly from the collective unconscious powerful of women, error for which it is time to go back on. This error made us fight for our women with the help of God, sacrilegious error which placed the woman above God. Yesterday, we were fighting for our women with the help of God, sure and certain of us. Today the dramatic situation that men know in terms of freedoms could be something very well : finally, we could get out from our slavery. Finally, we could become aware of the psychological tyranny imposed for many years to the conciliatory husbands that we were or that we plan to be.
Far from creating a new society, we could, in taking into account the level of baseness that many women have reached, require real partners with us. Yes, we could finally take us in responsibility, as men, and demand accountability to our women, not to measure the total amount of minutes passed to do the dishes as some feminists have made for us, but to get a commitment from them, and sincerity, and above all, a form of reciprocity in dependance. Should we continue to live as well, emotionally dependent on women who despise us inside them when, for example, they made us do anything. Personally, I do not want it for me, and I do not think that any man worthy of this name could have this desire. So, the future can take two viable ways for men:

_ Either we require to be protected from women by the law, again, as we were before.
_ Or we may require in the interdependence that we have objectively with women, compensations real from them.

This, we have never known it.




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