Strauss Kahn case : a french point of view

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Without any morality, men are weaks.The discourse about the sexual liberation made believe to the population that we had changed of time, that there was no perversion, and that anybody was free to satisfy his sexual fantasies as he wished it. All of this is false, as men, we well know it : we’ll always have impulses to channeled and we’ll always have to be careful about this speech that leads us to lax. This speech is particulary dangerous for us in a world of feminine values. People made us believe that we will have no frustrations to manage. But the frustrations are there, and worst : we put ourselves in a position of weakness all of the time that we’re going outside from this moralizing framework. Although the apostles of the sexual liberation could think, that we recognize the role of the morality or not, without morality,we expose ourselves to unfair attacks from women, as it is for Strauss Kahn.



But he’s not the only one, he completes a long list of persons more or less known or anonymous (Assange is one of the last example…) may be innocent but who put themselves in a position of fault in front of women sometimes with bad intentions. They have paid an expensive price for their own fantasy.



Maried and faithful, away from any awkward situation with a woman, we’re protected from many attacks.But, we want to play, imagine a new sexuality released from the shackles of the total control, we were promised that nothing will be taboo!But all stays taboo, may be more than before.With an appearence of released, never this world has been more prudish.The shift is terrific to live for all of us. In preventing us to use our right to enjoy until the end, this beautifull lie let us with a perpetual way of frustration, while encouraging us to fantasize. Because of this mechanics, men become prisoners of the sexual liberation of 1968. This period has opened to us a door wich is forbidden to cross.



This concept of sexual liberation is, in fact, one of these vast feminist hoaxes that were used to lead men by the nose :sexual liberation has never existed, and it will never exist.We can see pronographics videos of all kinds, but it’s impossible for us to live our fantasies without destroying ourselves or destroy those who surround us, indeed even to go in jail. We’re maintained in a brimming imagination from wich it’s hard to reach concretly and wich let us obsesses in a prison of frustration, or wich rush us into fantasies unfulfilled to fantasies unfulfilled. Under these conditions, some of us commit the irreparable. Under their impulse, they cross the borderline, a line of increasingly restrictive. Because what is more exciting for a powerfull man, to use the first maid came, to fuck her like that, because her body pleases us ? And there’s a few years in France, the maid would have not said no, also energized to be a object of desire from a powerfull and rich man. Before, enough skilful to make herself desirable, she would had a child and would have been more or less a kept woman. Without any official contestant, her child would have inherited of the fortune of his old father (or a part). But we’re not in France into the middle class of the 19th century. The democraty has progressed and the puritan moralism also.



Now, it’s more lucrative for the maid of an evening to complain herself of sexual assault and to make herself paying a very expensive price for an act that has never been consumed. The morality has gained what the good relationships have lost. The powerfull man has not signed a contract before the act and he will be convicted of crime (administrative signature wich, you’ll accept, would kill the fantasy). Because yes, in this case, the victim recognizes herself that there were not had a rape. Then, even if leaving his bath, Strauss Kahn has skidded, even if he has put pressure on this young woman of 32 years old, and if we exclude all kind of politic manipulations, we must come back to facts : this one of an adultery attempt wich has ended badly. This young girl has said no and everyone should get off. But our hypocrit and feminist world will not stop there. As powerfull he is, Strauss Kahn is today stuck between two conceptions able to destroy anybody : the sacralization of the women that makes of them untouchable persons, and the sexual liberation that makes of them objects of desire. It is to be thought that any powerfull man he is, he will not survive to this case.



This must be a lesson for each of us : if, as men, we do not want to sign in ourselves into a form of morality by religious belief, we must make it by pragmatism, and this, to escape women less and less moral, and less and less virtuous in so far as they subjugate themselves to the feminist ideology. Taken between gauntlet of a triumphant feminism, we can not escape us in lowering us morally but in putting the sexuality in our life in a good place, as a simple mean to give pleasure to his wife. Except this imperative, keep our energy for struggles less sterile.


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    you are a sick and scary man. hope to never meet you in a dark alley. gatverdamme zeg.

    1. Avatar de Léonidas Durandal
      Léonidas Durandal


      Hope to never meet you in a dark alley (false accusations).

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