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The extension of the gender theory in the new DSM 5, the classification of psychiatric diseases.

Publié le 14 juin 2013 par Léonidas Durandal à 0 h 00 min

style= »padding-left: 60px; »>The fear of being judged for stigmatization of minorities.

The term of “prevent the stigmatisation” is constantly repeated in this document. This confirms the will which the psychiatric community feels himself invested, to assume a social role in the acceptance of gendered disorders. Where does this desire to reassure and to play a positive role in society comes from, otherwise because some Marxist authors such as M Foucault have made them feel much guilty concerning their practices. What would think this poor author of this association of words and this will to  hide a scientific reality to make way for hegemonic claims of a minority?

In truth the medical profession has never acted to strengthen the power of a few oppressors through the definition of THE insanity, but instead it always wanted to show its willingness to do well in society, and more widely, to treat pain of our society (4). Hence his pride, hence the failure of yesterday and of forever, because when you want to preach at somebody, you have to engage yourself body and soul to the bitter end, without aping the religion which you’re stemming.*

The term “care” detached from this one of “disease”.

In this paper, psychiatrists choose not to treat the disease, but to support the wish of a patient. Nobody questions the validity, legitimacy, or the consequences of these desires. The individual desire is king. Not following it, is a source of disease. The patient in this context defines his own illness (which is no longer one). Indeed, we provided him with “medical care » because immature. He does not accept the social frustration of his desire and of his objective natural condition. Efficient or not, and this is in doubt, this process endorse so the “Brave new world” where each individual, locked in his own psyche will be all the more unable to assume natural constraints. Needless to say, the person who suffers from severe hormonal disorders is no longer sick, certainly, and it does not change much for him, but this one that suffers from mixed marked identity problems, has not everything to gain at it, the society either. Beyond that, it is disturbing to see this notion of disease disappearing from entire sections of our medical dictionaries. This sounds like a denial of reality that can be matched with this denial of natural and objective constraints in people troubled in their identity as mentioned a little bit higher. As if the homosexual way of thinking was enough widespread in the medical and scientific field, to impose itself as a form of immaturity that would define some of our social norms.

Children in the viewfinder of the gender theory network.

Again, this immaturity is not stayed locked to the psyche of a few individuals. It was important that children be the victims of it. Them, who are in full identity construction, might define themselves and might choose their gender, as if they could not undergo the pathological influence of adults around them ? This encouraging to the perversion finds his apotheosis in the mediatic case of this little boy educated in the middle of two lesbians and who has finished to want to identify himself with his « mothers » to become a little girl who was operated for this purpose ( 3). What could be more natural ? In their logic, these lesbians see nothing to complain about it. On the contrary, the deep desire of the child has been followed, which must correspond for them to the highest level of tolerance. They forget their responsibility as educators even more easily that their immature behavior has been judged acceptable in the social norm. Thus, they voluntarily show themselves in newspapers to carry claims that they consider, healthy. As all society has told them that they were not sick, that they could have children, they no longer understand the consequences of their actions. The denial of reality is total. You will tell me that it would be difficult to judge through this personal case. But this case illustrates the rule rather than to create it. No need for that to see how the homosexual claim  in our society (DSM or not) moved from a form of personal and social recognition to a right on children (against the children’s rights), and how this claim is « >

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