« Desesperate Housewives », a beautiful exemple of misandry By Léonidas Durandal, France.

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Don’t believe that USA is a monolithic block, where all the population would think the same thing. By there, like here, there’s a fight to make progress the old families in families of love open-minded (at last, it’s what they want that we think). By there, the abortionists fundamentalists , the LGBT lobby, and all the feminists in generally, have got less power than here. Then, they must advance masked. Not being able to force them to follow them in their madness, the death lobby uses all the artistic means in his possession, among which the movies, to develop the society in the sense that interests them. This is why it is necessary to denounce them loud and clear especially when this stream roller advances by means of television series with a wide distribution. Taking advantage of this wide distribution, the talent of the American scriptwriters, and of a whole very effective system, the fémino-nazi lobby makes progress his ideas. Yes I accuse the scriptwriters of ” Desesperate Housewives ” ( DH), among other, of promoting ideas which put in danger our civilizations:

_ The image of the monster appears, in a great majority, under the appearance of a male. In this present time, we are watching the season 6 in France. The dangerous psychopath who kills all which passes near his person, is a young boy badly educated by his mother. The sociopath who finds the poor family trying to escape to him, is a mature man, without any feeling. He kills too, everyone who disturb him. The third monster, a young boy, wants to live in the united family of his death father but is suspected of madness and his family already try to get rid of it, although his family is too afraid to make it (sic). And the mother of the young man, qualified also as monster ? Yes, you imagine it easily! She’s got an excuse: her husband ran away a long time ago (because he is fundamentally bad). Afterward, all the men who did not want to love this unmarried mother are implicitly accused of being interested only by sex (what a caricature of men…). All the men here, do not assume their role, and it is from them that comes the evil, of their lust. Moreover this expression of “evil” is constantly repeated when it is about a man. Worse, the evil cannot result from the will of a woman. This unmarried mother did not choose to destroy her family, she has no auto-destructive desire. What an ignorance!


_ The men are constantly denigrated: it is them who put in danger the family balance. They come back of their job and want to be served as princess; they dare to have secrets to theirs women because they are afraid of not assuming the income of the home (venal women don’t exist and they don’t leave them in that case !).


_ The homosexuals men are jolly fellow, perfected, without shady past, potentially good parents (but we shall not show them in a position of good parents, it would be still too shocking in America fortunately), the real parents let guard theirs children without fear of pedophile acts, nor with the fear of showing them bad examples (it’s true, nobody thinks of it in these moments, or nobody thinks no more at the education of the children…). The image of the homosexuals women is already closer to the reality: a woman with a bad image of father (sic) and an other one possessing confusions on her sexual identity (well, it is because she’s in love with a so special woman!)


To the antipodes of this images, the women are perfected. Oh naturally, they have their small defects: jealousy, stinginess, thoughtlessness, but never they will put in danger the family balance on their own initiative (homosexual image of the mother). They always act in a coherent way (ahahahah ) with regard to their personality but by knowing how to preserve the balance of this small society.


Playing on these “clichés”, the scriptwriters impose surreptitiously the image of violent and dangerous men (in fact the homosexual or women scriptwriters did not exceed their oedipus complex), if they are not under the control of a woman. If they refuse this control, they are categorized as monsters (“you’re a bad boy if you don’t do what your mother wants that you do”). Between both, no subtlety. As for gays and lesbians, they seem more well-balanced than these confused heterosexuals.


The talent changes nothing to the evil. And if the DH scriptwriters like to denounce the evil, it will be necessary, in the case that they want to be exhaustive, that they denounce the big evil of the interested cartoons of men, which noiselessly, destroy an entire society by believing to advance it.


Political action: when you listen spoken about DH in a conversation, intervene: ” yes, it is very good, but it is so misandra! ”


Durandal Léonidas.

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