Rocky Balboa : Why do men fight ?

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The greatness of Rocky Balboa.


Some actors are embodied in their role. The character accompanies them throughout their lives, and accompanies us as well. The hero grows and we with him, we learn to become men. Rocky helps us grow, with the limitations of the man who wrote the script and even directed some episodes of the series.

The stories, or the beliefs, have always taught us to overcome our emotional deprivation. Rocky has nothing to do with a brute that would crush everything in its path. Quite the contrary. It is the fragile kid who learns to overcome himself, who knows circumvent the pitfalls that that life can put on his way, who is ready to face the difficulties, ready to overwhelm him all the time. Money is anecdotal, show business dupes the soul and must remain a game, the hero is surrounded by sharks in an artificial world in which he is a foreigner, he who is only truth. He is not brilliant, he did not study, and he knows he is not part of the middle-class. He has only his good will and his humility for winning.
The financial difficulties are an excuse to learn how to excel and go back to basics: the couple, the love, the relationships. The important thing is to take the good side of the life and staying positive. We have to stop to talk. We have to begin to act. Neither slandering people, nor hating his enemy, and pray the only one who surpasses us and loves us (here in the Catholic faith). Despised, he earns the respect every time. Suffering, he transcends his injuries. Winning, it’s to rise oneself up after every fall. He attacks his opponents first at the body , not to the head, his great strength, physical commitment, body against body, because he does not feel capable of intelligence, just of a great strength of heart.


In each episode its ordeals and its moral


Rocky 1 :


Rocky is a failure. He is supported by nobody. It’s hard for him to contain his own violence always ready to overwhelm him, he lives alone, isolated and despised in the stench and filth. He is a second-class boxer who plays appartementrockysmall, and who wins his matches because of his talent but without making special efforts. He looks with pity the child he was, with a touch of nostalgia perhaps. This child is still present in him, and he seems to say : “what have you become? Where did you go?”. This thug scares broken men to cover the money that the boss has lent them. He works well, but he does not like what he does. Like a big brother failed, he gives lessons to younger people in the street who despise him because of it. His father never supported him. Someone will have to tell him that he wasted his life (Mickey, the coach) and that he has a last chance of success (an unexpected match against world champion) for he picks himself up by one’s bootsstraps. He will have to accept to beg help now that his chance is there. Getting help, revolt him. At first he think that the obstacle is too high. Finally he gives. rockyaddHe begin his training alone in the dark. He does not want to finish “like the others”. He eventually reach his goal, thanks to Adrian, through her, one might almost say.




Rocky 2 :
rocky 2



Rocky against Apollo Creed. In this episode, he fights not only for the love of his wife, or to get by, but also for his family, for the unborn child, and also for the child that he is no longer, for all children for whom he is become an example. Ultimately, he seeks to become responsible. He will win.




Rocky 3 :

Rocky, suburban kid without familial references, born from nowhere, loses his substitute father, Mickey. He will have to learn to live and to win without him.




The friendship will come to his rescue. His wife will shed light on the need to admit his fears and his anxieties to overcome them.



He will face the effrontery, the indiscriminate violence that sleeps definitely in his heart. Mr T materializes his anguishes. He will win this game.





Rocky 4 :Rocky against the communism (Drago).

In life, we must be able to put everything at stake, even if we reached the top. But there is also a danger of death rocky4bis in the desire to live only through his job. Between these two extremes, a man forges himself an uncertain life. Apollo Creed died for having ignored this rule.


Finally, the mature man enters in the political side of life. He fights against an iniquitous system, which uses trickery to perfection. But far from condemning the people who fully follow this system (communism), he holds out one’s hand. I wonder how this kind of film is able to convert an entire people and is more effective than the best propaganda: neither contempt nor blindness.







Rocky 5: The master against the student.
fils de rocky
This episode is a satirical tract against the media environment. Although the media always want more, you have to continue on your own way. Again, the nostalgia of departure is present, this time when we are naked but that the “Kwai” is in us. A star should never go astray, nor forget from where he comes out. The film also confronts two interesting notions: the transmission and fatherhood. The conclusion, non Roman, is not to forget his filial obligations. Rocky doesn’t picture himself as a model father. He does not have authority over his son except by the love he gives. Here, he advocates the idea that family and blood ties are more important than our jobs. “Being heartfull” means “true being”. Real statues are erected to the glory of our moral qualities not by wealth accumulation.



Rocky 6: Rocky against the new generation.

We can not live in the shadow of our father. But we can’t also live of self-complacency. Always between two extremes, Rocky shows himself as an example for his son, and as a lessons giver against his young opponent.  


The difficulties can learn us to respect us in all circumstances. Rocky has aged, he is now able to become a real father and to confront himself to the image that his children send back him. He understood that love was not enough. They want answers from him.

Adrian and the women: an idyllic image that does not hold in the life.

As Rocky is able to give us lessons in terms of personal life, by contrast in terms of feelings, he cultivates the image of Epinal. Adrian will change from a subjected and shy young woman in the first episode, to a figure more and more assertive. In the meantime, Sylvester Stallone has known a few women, and has learnt to go beyond appearances, enough to have the obligation to kill the character of Adrian in the last episode, his life itself being not at all in accord with its scenarios, and the perfect image of Adrian sterilizing the story. “We fulfil our empty” is the key sentence of the first episode, Rocky’s definition of love. Maybe there is a little bit of that in life (love like meeting of two neuroses as psychologists say it), Rocky is the muscle, and she is the brain as he tells her in laughing. In the series, the love is more important than the friendship, sign of a degenerated time. Adrian is skeptical at first in front of his decisions of fight. In the begining she doesn’t offer him a full support. Eventually she will agree with him. She seeks only peace of a quiet life, real or feigned sentiment disguised behind his love for Rocky. In the episode 4, Rocky will even fight without the consent of his wife and assumes his role of “man”. The pressure present in previous episodes will grow up between them. In contrast, Drago, his opponent lets his wife, very masculine, talking to his place. These last represent a degenerated system for which Rocky and Adrian are the counterpoint. Already in the 3, Adrian seemed much stronger mentally. She became his guide who comes out him of intractable anxieties and that had no meaning for him. Finally, in the 5, Rocky has lost many illusions. His wife is surer than him, much enlighted. It has taken him a lifetime to understand who drived, in reality, the family boat. So much, that she will strongly warn him of many dangers, long before he becomes aware of it. Here, it is women who initiate him at feelings, who precede him, transforming him in them toy, even if he does not realize it in the script. This lack of understanding will reach its peak in the episode 6. Unaware of his role as man, and of the need of a moral, he presents us an image of an unmarried mother victimized, where the biological father of the child is fully ignored, and where Rocky will play the saviors. Of course, the child of the unmarried mother will give him a good reception and this joyous reconstitued family will union around the boxing ring. Idyllic, but very far from reality (except perhaps for the richs for whom some greedy women are ready for all dishonest compromises in order to save themselves of material worries of a normal life). Of course, he could not divorce the Adrian perfect, who died in mysterious circumstances. However, as Adrian, the perfect unmarried mother will reassure Rocky in front of the difficulty, “you are master of your life, you’re the sole judge”, Rocky requiring the approval of the women around him.


The evolution of Adrian, the evolution of our consciousness of the women in our human life:

Rocky 1,  the timid Adrian who certainly contains a very rich personality!





Rocky 2: Adrian takes the bull by the horns:


rocky 2bis


Rocky 3: Adrian guides Rocky beyond his own fears. His winning machine is seized:
Rocky 4: opposition of the couples or of the evil twins? The game of the mirror …


dragofemme drago




Rocky 5: Adrian prevents mediatic hunting, she anticipates the error of Rocky, she is finally morally superior to Rocky:

rocky 5



Rocky 6: the Adrian perfect died. She is replaced by his double, a poor unmarried grieving mother just as much manipulative as the first:





Finally, why do men fight?

The whole success of the series is based on the absence of clichés. Anyway Rocky has a small anti-hero side. But when he want to explain the feelings, Sylvester Stallone show us a Rocky with a lot of gaps. Rocky does not lead the small boat of the couple. Rocky gradually becomes aware of this, but this piecemeal understanding will not protect Sylvester Stallone of a personal failure. He will divorce three times and will feed so many ex-families, reproducing relentlessly the model he inherited from his father.

Through this series, Sylvester Stallone gives us some keys to move forward in our lives. But now we must go further and we must fight in another way. Rocky fights for Adrian and with the help of God. But this idyllic period that ran from the Middle Ages to the present day is over. It is clear that today it is becoming increasingly difficult to rely on our women. The possibility to use our social position in case of conflict, no longer exists at all. Thus, we are like little sparrows facing cats, because our moral foundation is very weak compared to that of women. The men of ancient times, certain of them, were fighting for the love of the lady, who, in exchange for his man’s commitment and his work, offered him children and a sweet home. The men comprehended the strength of women gradually, often subjected, but certain to survive because of the need that his wife had to maintain her work force operative (her husband) at a good level. Today the counterpart fades. Women still need men, but they have used the public state to extort money without their consent and without having to justify their actions. The men themselves, poor fools, are still fighting for the love of the lady, and even now for the unmarried mother. Their slavery, which knew a semblance of parity when monetary relations were direct, becomes complete now that women ignore more and more the need that they have of men. And men accept their domestic tyranny small, well educated, better and better every year. They will feed another witch, when the first will be satisfied, by money, by a child, by a life without children, by a quiet life. Inevitably the eligible bachelor, some would say the mug, drifts from a woman to another, as long as they keep their illusions.

If we would abandon this tyranny, in reality, we would not know any more what could be the meaning of our struggle in the life, we would be lost. It is so easy to fight for the idea that we’re making of the women and not for the real woman that we have before our eyes. In truth, in forgiving them all, in ignoring their crimes, their death drives, their abortions, infanticides, their lies in front of the courts, their calumnies and bloodthirsty scuttlebutts, selfishness with their offspring, we have made of them irresponsible human beings. And we love so this picture of child in them, that this nonsense does not seem to know an end. From the irresponsibility, to the monstrosity. We have with us parasites that make our life unsustaining and from whom we believe us totally dependent. Some of these witches encourage our vices to establish their position (and one can not understand the wifes of pedophiles who were actively involved in crime, without understanding it. It’s often the same for the alcoholics).

It is a terrible historical mistake that comes from I don’t know where, certainly from the collective unconscious powerful of women, error for which it is time to go back on. This error made us fight for our women with the help of God, sacrilegious error which placed the woman above God. Yesterday, we were fighting for our women with the help of God, sure and certain of us. Today the dramatic situation that men know in terms of freedoms could be something very well : finally, we could get out from our slavery. Finally, we could become aware of the psychological tyranny imposed for many years to the conciliatory husbands that we were or that we plan to be.
Far from creating a new society, we could, in taking into account the level of baseness that many women have reached, require real partners with us. Yes, we could finally take us in responsibility, as men, and demand accountability to our women, not to measure the total amount of minutes passed to do the dishes as some feminists have made for us, but to get a commitment from them, and sincerity, and above all, a form of reciprocity in dependance. Should we continue to live as well, emotionally dependent on women who despise us inside them when, for example, they made us do anything. Personally, I do not want it for me, and I do not think that any man worthy of this name could have this desire. So, the future can take two viable ways for men:

_ Either we require to be protected from women by the law, again, as we were before.
_ Or we may require in the interdependence that we have objectively with women, compensations real from them.

This, we have never known it.




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