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Strauss Kahn case : a french point of view

Publié le 18 mai 2011 par Léonidas Durandal à 0 h 00 min

Strauss Kahn is today stuck between two conceptions able to destroy anybody : the sacralization of the women that makes of them untouchable persons, and the sexual liberation that makes of them objects of desire. It is to be thought that any powerfull man he is, he will not survive to this case.



This must be a lesson for each of us : if, as men, we do not want to sign in ourselves into a form of morality by religious belief, we must make it by pragmatism, and this, to escape women less and less moral, and less and less virtuous in so far as they subjugate themselves to the feminist ideology. Taken between gauntlet of a triumphant feminism, we can not escape us in lowering us morally but in putting the sexuality in our life in a good place, as a simple mean to give pleasure to his wife. Except this imperative, keep our energy for struggles less sterile.

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    you are a sick and scary man. hope to never meet you in a dark alley. gatverdamme zeg.