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The feminist cancer par LeonidasDD
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The freedom of expression is, this day, a beautiful masquerade. Some people accuse the media, the others big groups which would control the spirits, but deep in your heart, you know well that this is not it.


I am going to speak to you about the one who really controls the spirits, the one that your hypocrisy does not want to recognize, I am going to speak to you about you. The feminism is the perfect example of the cancer which attacked our consciousnesses. Yes, the feminism made tens of million deaths, it is contaminating our society but the biggest of its crimes  is to forbid you the word and for some of you to prevent you from thinking. Some of you say in themselves : ” I cannot be antifeminist, this would be be against the women? ” But where do you have get this idea that the fight against the feminism, this would be fighting against the women? Each of us is censored himself concerning the feminism. Where does this self-censorship comes from ? Why fighting the feminism would be politically taboo?


To answer the question, I have to speak to you about the power of the women, and you have to agree to envisage this power. The women don’t exercise the power like the men. The men prefer making the show, imposing themselves socially, being recognized to everyone, even gaining some money. For the women, the power exercises itself  in a inverse way. The one who wins is the one who knew how to be the most discreet, the one who will have pretended, sometimes seems to fail, but who will have obtained by this means the realization of its desires. It is easy for numerous women to cry to obtain what they want. But they know to be violent if this is not enough. Finally, they know how to impose taboos to control what we have the right to discuss or not. As long as our women exercised this power to protect our families, all the society was safe.


But for many years, cancerous elements have propagated in women’s auto-protective communities. These cancerous elements have flattered the jealousy, the anger, the fear which every woman can have in her. So men and women forgot that they were complementary and different and they became rival, in particular on the labor market, but also in the family when for example, they divorce. These cancer cells did not stop there. As any cancer cell, they invested the whole body, they made the promotion of the abortion as a right to be egocentric. These cancer cells will not stop there. As all the cancer cells, they will stop their misdeeds when the whole society is dead : when we give no more birth to children, when we spend our life on pointless questions, when we do not like to work, or when we love no more our families. These feminist cells must be fought and It will be necessary to make the sorting between the cancerous ideas from those that them are not. On this road, you will meet people who will want you to believe that there would be a good feminism and a bad. This would be forget that the feminism where it comes from, is unable to think the interdependence between men and women in all the society because precisely  all the women’s movements are defending the rights of the women. But against whom? Would we be enemy? Who began this battle of the sexes? Did the men have formed associations to oppress the women? On the contrary, as soon as the women have asked for it, they obtained without violence all that they wished. Now it’s time to refuse to women some of their requests, in particular when these requests disseminate the cancer of the independence, which is the one of the loneliness of the individuals, of the incomprehension, and at the final stage, of the rejection. However, every man taken separately is really unable to lead this fight. Thus, try to introduce a remark into your circle of acquaintances against the feminism. At once your mothers, your sisters, your cousins, but especially your colleagues will lead you a war which you will not survive. You will be gradually excluded for spurious reasons, they will make you appear like a being full of hatred against women except if you return to the reason. The women, and the mom knights, these immature men who defend in all circumstances the women, will not hesitate to exclude you for other reasons that those advanced.


That’s why today, every man refrains to think the antifeminism. He does not want to be excluded by his circle of acquaintances. It is not the media, these are not great men full of power that decide on it, but simple women contaminated by the feminist cancer. We do not invite you to discuss this with women. At the stage where the spirits are contaminated, they will respect only a single thing : the strength. A single thing, not completely, there is a second more powerful which will allow you to think freely without being instinctively spotted as an enemy, and this thing, it is the love. The women will tolerate you if they feel that you love them. I know, this speech could seem totally childish in a discourse which wants to be political and belligerent. However, this is the time for us to invest a field that we have neglected, and this is the one of the feelings. These are not the ideas which govern the world, but the feelings. Now the women are filled themselves with feelings of hatred towards us. It will be necessary to fight this feeling of hatred, this feminism, by a more important love. Here is how we will cure our women of this cancer, and with them, our whole society.

I wish you to be brave on this road.


6 réponses à “(Audiov) The feminist cancer”

  1. Avatar de H.abdelali

    Alright machism killed 1 billion per year so the antidote is feminism wow ! humanity is saved !! feminism is gay propaganda it was created by gay women and developed later by gay men and it aims to one thing: Destroy Man

    oh wait a min : 1 billion death by year so are we already extinct ? or we will be extinct in 7 years? hmmmm ahhh feminist you are so smart

    ok correction : feminism = gay propaganda +crap

  2. Avatar de rondoudou

    “The machism is the protection of the mother.”

    the best i never seen :DDDD

    I just have one thing to say “feminism never killed, but machism did” (enfin un truc du genre quoi).

    999 could be easily proved too but i think 999 millions death is not right. It’s surely really more !

    1. Avatar de Léonidas Durandal
      Léonidas Durandal


      Vous perdez les pieds. Vraiment nulle en mathématique. C’est difficile pour vous de soutenir une conversation en ce domaine, vous devriez vous abstenir.

  3. Avatar de rondoudou

    “Yes, the feminism made tens of million deaths” And the machism make 999 millions of deaths per years… “But where do you have get this idea that the fight against the feminism, this would be fighting against the women?” Because, men always been belittle women. Even now, the society is at 95 % masculine (more or less), but it should be 50/50 !! And feminism fight it ! Thanks to her, i can write, i can read, i have the right to go on Internet, i have the right to work without any authorization of any male or anybody ! YOU are just a cancer and a propanganda man (lol), that’s all !

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