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(Audiov) The feminist cancer

Publié le 11 mars 2011 par Léonidas Durandal à 0 h 00 min

will be gradually excluded for spurious reasons, they will make you appear like a being full of hatred against women except if you return to the reason. The women, and the mom knights, these immature men who defend in all circumstances the women, will not hesitate to exclude you for other reasons that those advanced.


That’s why today, every man refrains to think the antifeminism. He does not want to be excluded by his circle of acquaintances. It is not the media, these are not great men full of power that decide on it, but simple women contaminated by the feminist cancer. We do not invite you to discuss this with women. At the stage where the spirits are contaminated, they will respect only a single thing : the strength. A single thing, not completely, there is a second more powerful which will allow you to think freely without being instinctively spotted as an enemy, and this thing, it is the love. The women will tolerate you if they feel that you love them. I know, this speech could seem totally childish in a discourse which wants to be political and belligerent. However, this is the time for us to invest a field that we have neglected, and this is the one of the feelings. These are not the ideas which govern the world, but the feelings. Now the women are filled themselves with feelings of hatred towards us. It will be necessary to fight this feeling of hatred, this feminism, by a more important love. Here is how we will cure our women of this cancer, and with them, our whole society.

I wish you to be brave on this road.


6 Commentaires

  1. Ping de H.abdelali:

    Alright machism killed 1 billion per year so the antidote is feminism wow ! humanity is saved !! feminism is gay propaganda it was created by gay women and developed later by gay men and it aims to one thing: Destroy Man

    oh wait a min : 1 billion death by year so are we already extinct ? or we will be extinct in 7 years? hmmmm ahhh feminist you are so smart

    ok correction : feminism = gay propaganda +crap

  2. Ping de rondoudou:

    « The machism is the protection of the mother. »

    the best i never seen :DDDD

    I just have one thing to say « feminism never killed, but machism did » (enfin un truc du genre quoi).

    999 could be easily proved too but i think 999 millions death is not right. It’s surely really more !

  3. Ping de rondoudou:

    « Yes, the feminism made tens of million deaths » And the machism make 999 millions of deaths per years… « But where do you have get this idea that the fight against the feminism, this would be fighting against the women? » Because, men always been belittle women. Even now, the society is at 95 % masculine (more or less), but it should be 50/50 !! And feminism fight it ! Thanks to her, i can write, i can read, i have the right to go on Internet, i have the right to work without any authorization of any male or anybody ! YOU are just a cancer and a propanganda man (lol), that’s all !