” The kids are all right “, or the movie of the lesbian propaganda

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You know well, it is better than the women take care of children, it is more natural, and then, they know so well how to make, they know how to give the love which is necessary to them, they have this singular instinct! Then, why not let lebians educate children ? It is the love the main thing, no? It is better than a child grows up in a homosexual family that in a heterosexual family which does not take care to him? The sex has not any importance, like the identity or the differences : the “uncle” can be use as male model for the children who are born in these families… The lesbian families are new families and completely as the others, which bring to the children what they need!

All these bullshits which you hear around you, are the same ones which push our society in the family disaster that we suffer at present. And nevertheless, it is necessary that the propaganda raise up.Then these lesbian  families, which nurture children, begin to go out of their shadow to win henceforth an ideological fight in front of a society with weaks values. ” The kids are all right ” is the movie of this propaganda, the normality of the lesbian families which would go out of their anonymity to give us a reassuring image of their everyday life. Do not disabuse, there is nothing worse that this unctuous propaganda, because it will try to make you think that the moon is made of green cheese. Yes, there’s a long time that lesbians nurture children in given to the society the appearance of friendship. Rather hidden from the other people’s opinion, these “families” lived in the discretion to have the possiblity to unburden their abnormality, noiselessly. Today they know that the society is mature to accept the model. Say it to yourself, that all these badly educated girls, with an image truncated of the father, arrive in large number in our society today, that they are unable to love a man and that these deviants have too, their animal drives and their desires to have children without having the desire to give them a stable model between a man and a woman. The heterosexual families suffering effectively from a lack of mark and would be competed by the more tolerant, homosexual families, more capable to educate children (especially if it is about two women). In fact, the propagation of this kind of ideology participates in the destruction of the heterosexual balance. The more these families win and the more, effectively, it becomes harder and harder to the men and to the women to live together and to understand themselves, the more it becomes harder to build heterosexual families, between men prisoners of their mothers (gays) and childish women (lesbians) born in families with less and less solid marks. It is necessary to answer this propaganda:


_ Homosexual families cannot give more love than a heterosexual family because on the base, the homosexual families put the children whom they steal, in the obligation to love a deviant mark. As love, the homosexual families follow personnals bases and immatures drives. And I do not believe whether, this is to give some love. On the contrary, if the couples of homosexuals loved so much the children, they wouldn’t have children. But the fact that they have these children proves that the homosexuals do not love the children.


_ What to think about these “uncles”, these male marks which the homosexuals try to give by the mean of this men close to the couple, except that these men serve as good consciousness to women deviants, “uncles” who will never replace a father. What to think about these men who agree to play these roles except that they are collaborators of a perverse system.


_ As for the fact that women would be more able to educate children, let me laugh! Maybe more capable of attention, maybe, but who are the only ones who can give to the children, the taste of the world and the adventure, of the science, of the discovery and the risks, except the men. The children educated by women are one-legged human who would try to run a marathon with uncles’ crutch. Certainly, these one-legged human can arrive at the end, but in which conditions ? Then when lesbians would like to give us lessons onto the family, they slowly make me laugh, them and their society which trembles from everywhere.


It’s time to answer them. Your movies won’t be broadcast about the subject, either your articles, or your word. But this should not stop you from talking, from filming and from writing.

The feminist cancer almost won.

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