Zionism, feminism, the same process of victimization.

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I shall not go by four road, for me, feminist and Zionist are blinded in a identical way, by the devil. And here is how, in my humble opinion, these ones proceed in their minds : the shoah existed well, it made millions of deaths; there was indeed millions of women victims through the history. Becoming identified with these victims and because they have a strong community spirit, Zionist and feminist manage to see only by their suffering.

The suffering of the others becomes secondary because it does not belong to the community, it does not explain their everyday life. To take into account  the sufferings of the others, it would be admit that there was inequitable millions of deaths others than Jews, or millions of inequitable men deaths (much more than of women in fact). But, where numerous peoples make efforts to forgive, where every individual who is embodied in an identity distrusts his egocentricity, it is necessary to admit that Zionists and feminists have been unable to do that, until there. The suffering of past deaths who they have, sometimes, never known, and who they perceive  as the only one worthy of their attention, make them  forget that a dead man is a dead man, and that, in this ghoulish discount, there is nothing to win, so as to sink into a deadly reasoning which push communities against communities. The reasons for oppressing somebody are always bad. In one single voice, the Zionist and the feminist shout loud and clear: ” I am a victim, and as such, I have all the rights because those who oppose to a victim are necessarily executioners “. By inverting the relationship with the others, the victimization has spread as a plague in our society. The victimization is the real weapon of the devil. They just have to proclaim themselves as a particular victim to attract a lot of kind souls ready to do the good, and to repair the evil, which is a natural process of survival in the humanity. But if we forget, as the Christianity taught us, that we are both victims and perpetrators, then this process of victimization eventually destroys  any esprit de corps in the society. The evil becomes only the other. The natural process of survival, becomes then a process of destruction. Here, they are each, to claim their part of suffering, to ask to be recognized as victims, because any social gratitude has to pass by there, united in a personal and collective madness. And as the charity of everyone is limited, these communities come there necessarily to the higher bid to monopolize the common attention. The sufferings are themselves putting in the competition and become more and more blind. The simple fellow, who often wants to ignore these communities, but who really feels  that this kind of victims scoffs at the laws of the humanity, becomes gradually full of hatred for all those whom he identifies to this complainant community. This is how, number of citizens becomes anti-Jews or misogynists, without distinction, even if they do not say it. And in front of this hatred, feminists and Zionists are consolidated in their paranoia. They can finally say themselves: ” you see, we fight for our good rights, they still wish harm to us. ” And the infernal circle of the hatred and incomprehension continues to turn and to increase until one day, some exterminate the others.


Today, the Zionist colonizers act in a good consciousness, recapturing lands which belonged to them and justifying themselves with sacred Texts and past sufferings imposed on their people. The feminists do not hesitate to crush the men in front of the courts, to push them to the suicide, and finally to destroy  the concept of family, because in the same time, they pretend to be fragile, and that they were, in the past, oppressed. They also justify the abortion due to their own suffering. So Jews manage to forget the most sacred principles in the name of this process, as women manage to kill children in the name of their victimhood omnipotence. That they are Zionist or feminist, in fact, they are the only ones  to have the right to exist.


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